Sorry for all these shit. All these casual remarks, They weren’t meant to prick. I’d blame them on My sense of longing, And these unadapted changes, But I guess all these are but excuses, For my careless insensitivity. Nevertheless, Please understand, That I miss you, Ever so dearly.


Because at the end of the day, Baby, If you’re leaning towards me, Why not give us a shot? I can’t promise to bring you to the moon, But I’ll promise to land upon the stars, With you.


The darkest creatures, often lies within the craziest. Minute yet exaggerated motions, cover their unspoken fears. Silence provides solace, but as always, it’s deadly; nothing but a false pretense for their suppressed being. So pick them up when you see them, don’t leave them behind. With just a simple action, you may save their lives.

Let It Go

Royalty; that’s what you are. Black and white, with a perfect patch of light brown. How I wish, I can shower you with care forever, but as with all relationships, a pity this couldn’t last. Dejection; Tears rolling, new home, new friends, yet the same old princess you are.

In Their Twilight Years

These greenish-yellow walls must have powers. Not quite like what we see in prison, yet the suffering is parallel. Soft-spoken prayers, can be heard from a distance, amidst the deadly silence as countless tears fall. The misery behind these curtains are so unconquerable; Murkiness withstands, even in the sun’s brightness.