Perfect fit

I don’t believe in perfect fits;
Pairings that are effortless
And outrightly so.
Like tiles on the ground,
In between lies what transcends our sight.
Countless pain and hardship,
That will never utter a single sound –
Forever buried, deep down.

Even so,
It still fascinates me today.
The way your fingers sneak between my spaces,
The way you dive into my embrace,
And the way your lips caress mine.
Oh baby,
How you fit me so perfectly.


If every moment,
Is picture perfect,
I’d take a shot at myself right now.
Oh how these tears cascade,
So fluently.
How they fall like flakes,
So delicately
How they vanish,
before anyone can even


Tracing my fingers,
I can’t feel anything,
but emptiness.

disenchantment at your cruelty.
Let it go,
let us…


What more can I ask for,
when I look into those gentle eyes.
Like spiral,
you hypnotise and oh my,
what a lovely sight.


Huff and puff.
Toss and turn.
In and out.

Cease this messing around,
right now.
Just let me sink into this cloud.


At the end of the day,
we’re all lovers
circling around pain and torment,
just to catch those few moments of brilliance.


We’re all so transient,
yet not quite so.
The shortness of our lives
doesn’t end things,
for we live on in memories,
as others’ longings.


With a forceful grip
You retracted my
And released an arrow
Right through me.

It hurts so bad
But I’d still gladly
Crawl back to you
Just for another shot.
At you.

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